Hélène Russell MBA

Author, Trainer and Consultant in Knowledge Management

Law firms are knowledge intensive businesses. The way that they create and exploit their combined knowledge has a considerable effect on their profitability and effectiveness. Much has been learned over the past 20 years about how we can create efficient knowledge practices. My goal is to teach law firms how they can work effectively and stop wasting money on inefficient knowledge systems. I come from a family of teachers and I have found my teaching passion in helping law firms to “work smarter”.

I have been writing textbooks and training law firm employees since 2009. Previously I spent a decade as a solicitor/lawyer specialising in clinical negligence litigation and 2 years in-house in know-how, so I understand law firms from the inside.

I am very proud of my recent MBA with distinction. It opened my eyes to the valuable gains made in other sectors through strategic Knowledge systems. It also enabled me to spend a year intensively studying how law firms can improve competitive advantage through facilitating knowledge-sharing, the topic of my dissertation.

I care passionately about distilling all the academic study and research into something practical and useful for you and your law firm.

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