Privacy notice and GDPR

  1. If you have any questions about your data, contact Helene Russell by any of the means on our “Contact” page.
  2. You have various rights under GDPR. The ones that  are probably most relevant to you are the following. Please contact Helene Russell who will organise this for you

- ask for copies of all the data we hold on you

- ask us to rectify any incorrect data

- ask us to erase any data we hold on you

  1. We do not and will not sell any of your data, ever.
  2. We don’t do any profiling or automated decision making.
  3. The kind of personal data we keep is - name and email address.
  4. We don’t use any sensitive personal data.
  5. The data we hold is either freely available on the Internet or given to us directly by you. We do not buy data.  We either have your consent to hold this data or we hold it as part of normal business activity.
  6. Our newsletter and mailing lists are held by Mailchimp and you can unsubscribe at any time via them.
  7. We use this data for our ordinary business - to keep in touch with you, to serve your needs etc.
  8. We keep this data for as long as it is in use. If it is no longer used, we keep it for around 6 years unless you contact us to ask us to delete it.